Commercial Property

Our commercial property lawyers in london provide on all intended commercial property transactions from small shops all the way to large industrial applications and projects.

Commercial leases and associated documents, are very onerous and we often advise clients not take or grant leases without first having some understanding of what is involved.

There are many difficult to understand concepts which will not make sense literally when read and very often there is a dearth of case law which will back up most lease clauses.

Problems clauses are: Repairing obligations, and rent review provisions for example.

It is not just the law, but also real life tactical considerations which may need to be taken in to account when dealing with commercial property:

  • Shops, offices, and retails units.
  • Warehouses and industrial.
  • Medical and dental practices.
  • Restaurants and bars, night clubs.
  • Pop up shops and Licences.
  • Business Purchasing and Selling and many more types of transactions.

If you think you need our help with a commercial property then please call us on 020 3026 6321.

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